How to get Abu Dhabi driving license

Abu Dhabi driving license

In March 2019, Abu Dhabi traffic department has launched a new online system for submission to Abu Dhabi driving license. As per the new online system, traffic department does not accept hard copies. No objection certificate from employer is no longer required. Some websites still write the old information regarding the procedures on how to get Abu Dhabi driving license. Now all documents should be submitted online to the traffic department system. If you have a driving license from some countries like USA, UK, China, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong.. etc you can visit an approved translation office to apply to Abu Dhabi driving license. If you do not have a license at all, you can upload Abu Dhabi police application, enter your UAE ID No then you will receive an OTP to your mobile No so you can proceed in the steps of getting a license as you need to get theory classes and practical classes with driving school in Mussafah. With Abu Dhabi Police application, you can upload your documents by yourself and open the file.

The documents that you can upload by your self to Abu Dhabi police application are:

  1. Valid Visa.
  2. Valid UAE ID.
  3. One photo

You then need to visit driving school in Mussafah to book the theory classes. After you finish the theory classes and pass its exam you can book the practical classes then you need to pass Park Exam. After you pass Park Exam you can book practical classes with any private school.

People who have a license from 39 countries can get their UAE driving license in one day as there are agreements between UAE and their countries in this regard but they need to do online translation by an approved translation office like Index Legal Translation. After that he will receive sms from traffic department behind Mushrif mall, pay AED 600 against license issuance and get UAE driving license.

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